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Langfassungen meiner Interviews im Abonnement.

  • “Wenn der Artikel nicht hält,

    was die Überschrift verspricht”

    Interview mit Blendle-Gründer Alexander Klöpping über das Rückgaberecht für Artikel und die Verhandlungen mit deutschen wie amerikanischen Verlagen

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    You are offering readers to refund articles – can I read everything for free?

    “The articles that get refunded most of the times are for example gossip pieces where a headline promises something that the article does not deliver on. And basically the refund thing is an incentive for publishers to create really good content, because if you do a bad job writing an article – if it does not deliver or anything else – people will ask for there money back. So when you see that your article gets refunded a lot, you know that you are doing something not right.”

    How often can users refund articles?

    “We keep track of how often people ask for they money back. And if they do it more often than we warn them that they should not do it any more. (…) We change the amount of articles that you can ask back based on how much you did read. So if you read a lot you can also refund a lot. If you do not read a lot you can refund very little. (…) In the beginning we thought maybe a lot of people will do this and we should stop enabling users to do this, but in turns out that it just happens in less than then percent of the cases. So there is not really a problem to solve.”

    Rückgaberecht für Journalismus (NDR Info, 14.09.2015)